Sunday, September 25, 2011

Curried Risotto

Risotto is also known as Italian rice. This type of rice has a rounded shape as compared to the normal oblong shape of most rice. Many Malaysians have heard of risotto and eaten it at Italian restaurants, without knowing how to make their own at home. Cooking risotto till soft is a common mistake made because we are so used to eating rice that is cooked the local way --- soft~~

To obtain the correct consistency and texture of risotto, the rice should be only 60% cooked. This leaves the rice with a more chewy texture which the Italians proudly calls it al dente... 

Japanese style curried risotto

Add a cube of Japanese curry into the cooker and stir it with the risotto until the rice is completely cooked.

Japanese curry has a natural thickening agent so it is not necessary to sprinkle the risotto with cheese.


  1. Nver tasted these before... wonder how they taste like? why so soggy?

  2. Claire:

    It looks soggy because of the gravy which coated the rice. In fact, risotto is only 60% cooked thus giving it a firmer texture.



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