Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chicken, Mushroom and Onion Puff

Due to the hectic working life, I can hardly find time for baking on weekdays. While I am struggling in coping with my new and challenging post, I wholeheartedly wish I could have an afternoon to spare for my favourite hobby - baking. Yesterday, I arrived home earlier than usual and the workload was not as taxing as before, so I put aside my books and laptop for a couple of hours, preparing the ingredients I need for 3 humble puffs.

Homemade Chicken, Mushroom and Onion Puffs

The pastry puffs up like a pouch, making it look even more tempting.

The puff is diagonally cut, showing the flakiness of the pastry but at the same time unveiling its weakness as a big hollow is seen within the cavity. The stingy Pam made too little filling for the puff. lol

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