Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you, Mr Barista!

When a loyal coffee lover and an enthusiastic coffee barista are mad about coffee, they want to share the best with each other simply because they love it that much. The part-time coffee barista has worked in this coffee outlet for years and has always taken a special interest in making an excellent cup of coffee. Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge and passion, he has emerged as a well-liked coffee barista who is able to produce the most interesting brew with a touch of creativity.

Yin's Green Tea Latte @ RM12.00

Iced espresso in a 3 fl oz. mug, complimentary from the barista.

The part-time coffee barista is an expert in whipping up crema to form a nice cap of foam which is able to stay for 150 seconds before fading. A real masterpiece...

My order:
Coffee by the Press - French Roast @ RM15.80

The French Press comes with 3 tasting cups that hold 3 fl oz each, perfect for sipping espresso.

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