Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gardenia Waffle: Banana and Egg Vanilla

Got really crazy about waffle since Gardenia released its latest product. This product comes with a variety of flavours. To date, I am not sure of the total number of flavours available. I have tasted the Classic Cinnamon, Maple Wholemeal and now, Banana Waffle and Fresh Egg Vanilla Waffle. Paying RM1.40 for 2 slices of waffle is so affordable when you compared the price to some frozen products in Jaya Jusco. Looking forward to more flavours.  ≧^◡^≦

Banana Waffle and Fresh Egg Vanilla

Illy Espresso brewed in Moka pot

Breakfast, served Pam's style.

The lighter coloured waffle has a strong eggy taste. <(^,^)>

But the banana waffle has an overpowering presence of artificial essence. (~_^) 


  1. For 1.40 with 2 pieces, they sure dont taste as nice as those in the outlets... I didnt know Gardenia has come out with this, I think my son will like it.. eat with honey syrup also can, right?

    by the way, i m at home now... when in office, i cannot log in to your blog.. dont know why.. .

  2. Claire:

    Eating it plain is equally good. Guess you have missed a previous entry of mine.

  3. Hai,may i know where did you get the Moka Pot



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