Friday, September 9, 2011

Gardenia's Most Brilliant Invention!

 (Drum rolling) After a long wait, Gardenia finally throws a surprise for all bread lovers. Their latest product in Malaysia is WAFFLE!!! Yeah yeah yeah... I can now eat waffle after waffle after waffle...  I can flavour them any way I like, feeling guilt-free at the same time because this new product has a relatively low calorie count as compared to other waffle made in snack booths... So, what are you waiting for? Go grab one before they are snapped by the others... Good luck, baby!

New Product from Gardenia!

Two oven fresh cinnamon waffle costs merely RM1.40! It's dirt cheap, isn't it?

I got even excited when I read the nutritional label. Each waffle contains only 87kcal! Yippee!!!

You can eat it plain without jam or butter as the waffle is flavoured with cinnamon powder.

With just one bite, you will fall in love with this remarkable waffle.
Gardenia waffle is going to stay permanently in my food list from now on... lol

Another perfect breakfast ensemble... :)


  1. Yes, i miss this one... let me try one day!

  2. Claire:

    There are altogether 5 flavours:
    Cinnamon, Maple, Banana, Egg and ???
    Yet to find out...



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