Monday, September 26, 2011

To Mummy with Love

It's Mummy's birthday again. This year is a bit different from the previous years. Instead of eating at the restaurants in Ipoh Garden, we drove all the way from Bercham to Menglembu to celebrate Mummy's birthday at the East Ocean Restaurant, which many claim serves better food than their sister restaurants. The whole family had a really good time enjoying the food and scraping the plate clean. Haha... the food was indeed much tastier than Ipoh Garden East's. There's hardly any complaints except for the service which was exceptionally slow and uncoordinated. In fact, we nearly yelled at the waitresses who were being disdainfully rude and unhelpful. On the contrary, the Ipoh Garden East outlet always wins our heart for their staff are always willing to attend to the request of their customers.

Mini Jumping Budddha Pot @ RM228

Loaded with generous amount of ingredients, each and everyone of us helped ourselves to at least 2 bowls of soup.  

This superior soup is made from abalone, fish maw, dried scallops, Chinese mushroom, sea cucumber, top shells and Chinese ham.

Flavourful and tender abalone is everybody's favourite.

The Four Season Platter - Birds Homecoming @ RM80

Shrimp and salted egg yolk balls

Sauteed Shark's Fin with Crab Meat and Eggs

I can't name this. Anyway, it is mainly made of fish.

Wok-braised signature Hakka noodles @ RM16.00

Tropical fruit platter @ RM18.00

Time to sing the Birthday song ~~~ Happy Birthday to Mummy!

No 1-7, Hala Perusahaan Menglembu 17,
31450 Menglembu, Perak,
Telephone : 605-282 9457


  1. hey Pam, wanted to comment this morning but the comment just couldnt go thru.. dont know why..
    Ok, just want to ask this...
    This mini buddha is for how many persons?
    I wanted to go and book next month but not sure what to order.. so seeing this, I have an idea.. so how much



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