Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinese Pastries in Taiping

Kum Loong dim sum restaurant is the one and only place in Taiping selling varieties of Chinese pastries. This place is known for its traditional dim sum and pastries among the old timers. Over the decades, not much changes are seen but their loyal followers are still making a beeline for those out-of-date morsels which turn the younger generations away when it comes to eating dim sum in Taiping. Since I belong to the younger group, naturally, eating dim sum here would be a no-no (afraid of being seen by the others of my age...('.'-^)

While I am trying hard to persuade Choy Kee to set up a stall or branch in Taiping, my cravings for Chinese pastries are growing stronger. I haven't any choice but to eat at Kum Loong loh... what to do...

Egg tarts & fried glutinous rice balls @ RM1.10 each (available only on Sundays)
蛋撻 & 煎堆

Baked barbecued pork buns & kaya puff @ RM1.10 each (available daily from 5 p.m. onwards)
燒包 & 咖映角

Fermented soy bean curd puff @ RM1.10 (available only on Sundays)

Kum Loong Dim Sum Restaurant
(opposite RHB bank)
Kota Road,
Taiping, Perak. 

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