Monday, August 1, 2011

Congratulations to Kampung Simee Choy Kee on finally opening their new bakery!

Kampung Simee Choy Kee's new shop is now open in Kampung Simee! In the mid of July 2011, Choy Kee opened its first shop in the heart of Kampung Simee. Their die-hard egg tart fans are really excited to have their favourite stall venturing into a better prospect of the food and beverage industry, expanding their family business and extending their business hours till evening. This shop is located strategically near the Kampung Simee morning market, right on the corner of the cross road leading to Simee primary school, and beside the one and only 7-11 convenience shop in Kampung Simee. You can't miss it, the exterior of the shop is painted in bright red, together with an eye-catching read and white signboard bearing the name of their shop "Choy Kee Bakery".

The grand opening of their bakery is scheduled on 8th September 2011. The opening of Choy Kee Bakery is truly a great news to everyone in town. Now, they need not worry about the running out of egg tart supply which is usually sold out by 10.30  in the morning, because they can visit the bakery at any time of the day whereby batches of egg tarts are baked and delivered fresh from the kitchen till evening.  

Anytime is a good time for egg tarts!

Newly-opened Choy Kee Bakery in Kg. Simee

Choice Fresh Kaya @ RM2.70 per tub

Pick me up to pick your choice

Tempting treats awaiting you 

Their main star --- EGG TARTS!!!

Egg Tarts / Tarn Tat @ RM1.20 each

Barbecued Pork Puff / Char Siew Soh @ RM1.20 each

Baked Barbecued Bun / Siew Pau @ RM1.20 each

Salted Egg Yolk Pastry / Ham Tan Soh " RM1.60 each

Fermented Beancurd Biscuit / Nam Yue Peng @ RM0.90

Chicken Pie / Kai Soh @ RM1.20

Coconut Tart / Yeh Tat @ RM1.20

My dainty, wobbly, flaky, yummy and eggy egg tart!
Choy Kee Bakery
Kampung Simee (Next to 7-11 convenience shop)
Ipoh, Perak


  1. Thanks Pam for sharing this.. indeed this information is very "useful"... my girl will be most happy to know this too.. :)

  2. Claire:

    The opening of Choy Kee Bakery makes me the happiest person on earth. Hehe.



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