Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hatyai 2011: Street Food

 Hatyai, a colourful city in the southern region of Thailand. Densely populated with tourists from neighbouring countries, Hatyai is a city that never sleeps. Rain or shine, people who desire a short break all rush here for the weekend, though spending a day or two may not be adequate to explore the wonders of Hatyai. As a whole, visitors pour their hard-earned money here, to contribute to the prosperity of the Thai, while earning themselves a short break at a minimum cost. 

Chicken and Pig Trotter Rice

Grilled dried octopus

Grilling over charcoal fire

Octopus is flattened till it resembles thin sheet of paper.

Duku? Langsat? Dokong?

A variety of Thai desserts (kuihs)

Boiled tapioca and caramelised tapioca.

Corn cakes

Baked young coconut

The green coconut
The baked young coconut tasted sweeter and more fragrant than the green type. 


  1. I love all the roadside foodstuff you displayed! sigh..when can I go to Hatyai? who wants to go with me...

  2. Claire:

    Many bus companies in Ipoh organise weekend trips to Hatyai and charge a very reasonable price. It costs less than RM200 for transport, lodging and food.


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