Monday, August 15, 2011

Hatyai 2011: Mini Chinese Crullers

One of my favourite snacks in Thailand - Mini Chinese Crullers.

A row of kneaded crullers dough

The dough has an elastic and stretchable nature.

Adding more flour while pulling it to a desired length.

Cut the long dough to shorter segments of equal size.

It's the skill that matters.

Topping each small segment with another

The dual-layer dough is ready to be stretched longer then deep-fried.

Expanding in size and turning into golden brown in a pool of hot boiling oil.

Draining excess oil from the fried crullers

Chinese crullers are best eaten when they are still hot and crispy!


  1. yau chau kwai? hahahaa... cute.. yes, they do look nicer than the ones here in Canning Garden!

  2. Claire:

    Mini crullers are available in Canning Garden? Where's the stall?



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