Saturday, August 20, 2011

Disappointing Dim Sum experience @ Ming Court

Ipoh was once famous for its Cantonese fare namely dim sum and noodle dishes. Dim Sum restaurants mushroomed in Ipoh in the early decades. Today, this highly-acclaimed food has become the main crowd-puller and people from all over the country often make their pilgrimage to Ipoh to determine the cream of the crop among all the dim sum outlets in town. Previously, the battle of dim sum was fought between 2 pioneers, Foh San and Ming Court. Today, however, the well-established Foh San seems to have overshadowed its rival and has emerged as the most prominent dim sum place in Ipoh. As for me, I always prefer the dainty type of morsels served in Ming Court. 

Despite being told that the quality of their dim sum is going on downhill, I insisted on giving Ming Court a chance so I visited the place on a fine Saturday morning. Consequently, I was utterly surprised by the tasteless dim sums of Ming Court. Ming Court is certainly not fit to be called a dim sum restaurant anymore, unless improvement is seen in the near future. 

Prawn dumplings

Premium fish balls

Fried fish balls

Siew Mai

Scallop rolls

Lotus seed paste

Chee Cheong Fun 

Ma Lai Koh

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Sdn Bhd
32,34,36 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak,
Tel No : 605-255 7134


  1. I like to go to Ming court during those days too, small and dainty dim sums were for me.. but recently I also heard that they were not as good anymore... but Yoke Fook Moon is still doing alright.. my girl can eat 2 char siew pau in one go...

  2. Claire:

    Ipoh was once so famous for dim sum but it is slowly losing its aura. I will not be surprised that nobody will remember Ipoh as a foodie haven in years to come. What to do? The successors just simply can't maintain the authenticity of the food they serve. Must be due to the typical Chinese mentality of those old masters who held blindly to the principle of not passing all of their knowledge to their apprentice. Poor thing.



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