Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hatyai 2011: McDonald's BBQ Pork Rib Burger and Samurai Pork Burger

McCafe @ Lee Gardens Plaza

Ronald Mcdonald wishing you Sawadika!

Coffee is never served in paper cups in McCafe ...

... unless you order a take away.

The 'porkiest' burgers of McDonald's

Barbecued Pork Rib Burger @ 59 baht

The Thai are more generous, in the sense of the slice of perfectly-grilled meat which is comparatively larger than the bun.

From the translucent-looking bun, you can tell how fluffy it is.

Pork Samurai Burger @ 69 baht

Wrapping the burger in plastic sheet is another skill which our local McDonald's need to acquire. After all, nobody likes to eat a burger that is so tightly wrapped till the sauce and lettuce ooze out from everywhere resulting in an unappealing sight. Visually, that kills my appetite. 

This is what I am always hoping to see - a burger looking clean and neat when it is unwrapped.

A thickly-sliced pork patty

Crispy Tuna Pie @ 29baht

Plump and crispy with very little grease sticking to the surface of the pastry.

Laden with chunks of tuna and sweet corn kennel 

Cappuccino @ 60 baht

Latte @ 60 baht

Espresso @ 55 baht

McDonald's & McCafe
Lee Gardens Plaza
Hatyai, Songkhla


  1. I tasted pork burger in Korea.. we were fascinated by it when we first landed at airport late at night... can never find it here..

  2. Pork burger in Hong Kong is also quite nice. Too bad we can't get it in wither M'sia or S'pore.

  3. Hye, the rib burger is it something new? Wanna try this one...hopefully end of december..



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