Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Pepper Lamb Pie

When is the best time to eat humble pie? Well, that's probably when one has committed a serious error and wishes to show humiliation for his wrongdoing in the form of an apology. 

But, what if the pie is not so humble after all? It weighs 180 gm, innocently stuffed with rich and heavy fillings sealed in a greasy and buttery twin crust pastry. Do you consider this calorie monster being humble? You need a minimum of one whole day to completely break down the whole of it and utilise the compound of it in order not to keep it overnight (may be longer) in your adipose tissue. 

So, back to the question. When is the best time to eat a not-so humble pie? The answer is: BREAKFAST TIME!

Black Pepper Lamb Pie

Each flavourful pie is filled with chunks of juicy and tender lamb cubes, sweet carrot and fragrant onion rings.

The twin crust is made of both puff pastry (the bottom) and the short crust type (the top).

A complete meal by itself.


  1. Hey.. this morning I commented.. but it is not showing.. ? I was asking whether you did this humble pie yourself?
    by the way Pam, thanks for your comment in my blog, I will sms you in the morning.. . now is 12.06am.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Sorry, Claire. I have no idea why the comments keep disappearing from my blog... Thanks...



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