Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Potluck Party 2011

It's coming to the end of the school session of 2011. Since the holiday is approaching and most teachers have already completed their work, the gang threw a potluck party on Monday with more than 10 teachers contributing food in the party. 

Fried vermicelli
contributed by Ms Tang

Lamb curry 
contributed by Mr Goh

Look at the amount of lamb curry I scooped.

Steamed Cantonese style glutinous rice
contributed by Ms Kuik

Herbal tea eggs
contributed by Mr and Mrs Ooi

Steamed pumpkin cake
contributed by Ms Chow

Barbecued chicken puff
contributed by Pam

Steamed Ma Lai Koh
contributed by Ms Ooi

Banana pancakes
contributed by Ms Ooi

Chendol agar-agar
contributed by Mdm Teh

Red bean soup
contributed by Ms Chad


  1. wow.. from and for the teachers only? very cooperative and very balanced food too.. the BBQ chicken must be very nice! the banana pancake is very unique... hmmmm...sedapnya...

  2. Claire:

    We had another round of potluck this morning, with even more varieties of food. Can only do it during this time because school holiday is coming. Otherwise, the administrators will make a lot of noise, you know lah...



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