Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good morning, Caffe Americano!

Every time when I walk past Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I am always greeted by the sight of coffee lovers sipping the fluid that gives pleasures to their senses, closing their eyes, trying hard to register the ultimate taste and aroma of the coffee fluid. Yes, they are the coffee people, who simply know how to achieve gratification of the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure. 

Today, the crowd is there, taking all the seats available in the cafe. The place is too good to be shared, I know, I just do not belong. Nothing is going to deprive me of my goal and enthusiasm. Action filled with reluctance, a take-away is being ordered. 

The Caffe Americano is in my hand, though it's not taken in the real coffee place with genuine coffee environment. By the way, it's the taste and mood that really matter, not the setting, right? 

Ciao! Have a nice day!

Caffe Americano with double shot espresso base @ RM8.90

Extra bold, strong and additive~~~


  1. Good morning to you, Dear Pam.. Have a nice day.. sipping your coffee!

  2. Claire:

    Good afternoon to you too... Did you manage to meet my uncle at Waller Court?



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