Monday, November 7, 2011

Steamed egg cake

I found a recipe in an old exercise book. I could recognise my own handwriting but just failed to recall when and where the recipe was taken down. A simple steamed cake recipe, with only three types of ingredients: Eggs, flour and sugar. I had no idea if it would produce a soft and fluffy cake just like the one I use to eat at Sin Yoon Loong. There's no harm of trying, belum cuba, belum tahu, sekali cuba, pasti mahu! Haha...



Oh no!
The outcome is a steamed egg cake with dry and coarse texture...
Mission failed!


  1. er.... what is missing in the ingredients? or too much flour? i like egg cakes too.. kai tan koe.. the ones in sun luen yoong are getting more and more expensive..

  2. Claire:

    Yet to find out... still trying every alternate days. I pity my colleagues who have to do the sampling job for me, no matter how awfully hard the cake is.



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