Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I see a Yellow November

November, a noble month, is the beginning of some exciting moments in life. Kick start this exceptionally important month with some lovely treats is a must to show how much I fancy those yellowish stimulations... I am sure you have got fed up with me by now, tarts in tarts out, eggy here eggy there.... Hold on hold on, I can't help it because that's me! Pam, the eggy monster, the tarters (plagiarised from Claire), the EGG TART QUEEN!

Unbaked tart shells

The finished products - so lovely, wobbly and smurfilicious

What do you see in those devilish tarts? Jealousy and hatred! That's what I see in everyone's eyes!!!

I am sorry if this makes your stomach growl... 

Thought I would finish all four by myself? You are kidding me, watch out for those calories...


  1. I think I have to go Choy Kee during lunch time :)

  2. Why not come to Taiping for some 'Pam' Kee's egg tart?

  3. OK, I accept your invitation.. hahaha...



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