Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rich, rich, rich afternoon tea...

When I am feeling blue, I close my eyes and I think of Smurf (bullshitting again!). I have been suppressing myself for too long and I seriously think that I deserve a luxurious treat. Walking past a bakery, I heard a voice from a creamy shadow that was beckoning me. 

Hey... look at me, you are looking for me, aren't you?

A chocolate Danish was giving out an indistinct and low utterance. Then another voice came.

Don't listen to it, I am the one whom you are eyeing on...

This time, I saw a cup of tiramisu waving frantically from far.

I am not insane, okay... but I am down and out. Some little things just know how to cheer me up and save my day. I am not going to choose between them, instead both will follow me home... Haha. (I am out of my mind again...)

Tiramisu @ RM9.90

Chocolate Danish @ RM3.50

Think of calorie, think of them.

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