Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As fresh as coffee breeze ~~~

Walking down the lane of Nagore, sniffing out the secret hidden beneath Nagore's sidewalks, I smelled the coffee, feel the breeze of love and sensuousness. A blissful arrangement, led me towards a taste of heaven - Fresh Balinese coffee @ Si Tigun.

Si Tigun at Nagore Road

Recalling the good old days

A young and gifted coffee barista, making us realise that it is not the age that counts.

Trapped in time, evolution is seen as a non-essential factor.

The coffee roasting machine

Select your beans here and get a free grinding service at the counter

Single shot espresso @ RM3.80

O! Crema, how smooth and thick you are...

Si Tigun
15 - 17 Jalan Nagore
10050 Penang
Tel; 04-2287108


  1. Most times I stay in Dorset Hotel near to Nagore... but I never been there for any meal :)

  2. Claire:

    Their croissant is one the best I've ever tasted. Be sure to reach there before 9 as they sell like hotcakes.



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