Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reunion Dinner 2011

We had our family reunion dinner at home this year. With 10 members in the house, we prepared (or bought) a dish each for the reunion dinner.

New Zealand Abalone by Kelvin
Kelvin slicing his abalone

Roast Pork by Kenny

Yong Tau Foo by Vinnie

Pipa Duck by Ann

Loh Hon Chai by Mum

Braised mushroom by Dad

3 types of waxed meat by Yuni

Kao Yoke (Braised Pork and Yam) by Joel and Howard

Tiramisu by Pam (100% homemade!!!)

Let's tuck in!!!


  1. What a nice reunion dinner.
    Happy CNY to you and family!

  2. Little Inbox:

    Wishing you n ur family a healthy and happy new year.

  3. Hui Yin:

    New Year mah...



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