Monday, February 28, 2011

Forever Cherished

Today, I was privileged to receive a former student's thoughtful gift from Indonesia. She had expressed her intention of buying me gifts from Medan, Indonesia before her trip. I know how precious a gesture such as this is, for I received some lovely snacks from her when she returned from her tour of Taiwan a couple of months ago. Her 'stepmother' knew she would get her another more precious gift which never failed to melt her heart every time she held it tight in her arms. It is priceless when you have a lasting connection and affection with your student. I could not be more touched and thankful upon receiving the heart-warming gift. Teacher or not, receiving a gift like that is incredibly touching.

Thank you, Hui Yin for all the trouble you have taken in bringing back such a heavy box of cake considering your petiteness. Thank you for thinking of me. Life couldn't be more wonderful!!!

Bika Ambon (Indonesian Yeast Cake)

It is said to originate from Medan, Indonesia.

A very rich yeast cake, with a texture of honeycomb.

It's the honeycomb texture that makes it so unique and different from the others.

Time to indulge...

My dearest daughter,

I'll cherish your love forever. My love will show no bounds cause you are my very special daughter.

Ms Choy


  1. nice of your sweet "daughter"... yes, Indonesia famous for this honeycomb cake and their kek lapis too.. yummy!

  2. Claire:

    I thought she would get me Indonesian layered cake instead of bika ambon but the little girl took the wrong box at the bakery... haha.

  3. (careless Silver ??? Haiz ! Next time , I will DOUBLE check ....)


  4. Hui Yin:

    That cake is equally good... Love it...

  5. This is so sweet. I am but teary eyed reading!



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