Thursday, February 17, 2011

A "pile" of shaved ice

A question that pops up often enough among diners is how those "sheets" of ice are produced? The Cool Ice Crystal Cafe in Taiping Sentral is one of those rare dessert bars that hits the sweet balance of simple surrounds, plenty of choices and amazing presentation of food with a creative touch. It's my first time here. I tried to play safe by ordering the flavour with the mildest sweetness - Peanut.

A wide selection of toppings

Peanut Flavoured Shaved Ice @ RM4.80

A "pile" of ice?

Icy cold 'fu chuk' (beancurd sheet)
Cool Ice Crystal
Ground Floor
Taiping Sentral
Jalan Istana Larut (Swettenham Road)


  1. hey, that looks unique!! like snowy ice in 100 yen ? OK, next time i go taiping, i will look out for this.. in fact i went last week.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Oh... pls let me know when you are coming again so that I can be your personal tour guide.



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