Monday, February 7, 2011

Pam's homemade tiramisu

Once a baker, always a baker! Once again, Pam the baker is trying to melt your heart with one of her most impressive creations of the rabbit year - The tiramisu!

Working at the summer lightning speed, she dipped the sponge fingers into the coffee liquer and lifted them just in time before they turned soggy. With the correct amount of coffee sipping into the sponge, her magic hands made them just moist enough to hold the mascarpone cheese which was also whipped to perfection. The same steps were then repeated once to give a nice duo layer of cheese alternating with the sponge fingers before the final dusting work came in, in which only the finest cocoa powder was used to coat the top of the tiramisu.

A feast fit for the kings and queens.

Pam's sinful indulgence delight ...

You just call out my name, and I will be yours!


  1. I called so many times.. u didnt answer!! sigh.. now this is what I called A Real Torture!


  2. ' Tiramisu !' I called .

    ' I'm yours,' Tiramisu replied .


  3. Claire:

    I can always make you some tiramisu when we meet again. No point calling again because all the tiramisus were sapu-ed by my sister-in-laws. They can only answer while they were being digested in the ladies' stomach.

    Hui Yin:

    Yeah... Dream on...



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