Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A 'Puffy' Tuesday

One fine Tuesday, I had a 'puffy' dream ... ...

10 years from now, Pam's Patisserie will become one of the most well-established bakeries in town, gaining its recognition among pastry lovers. How popular will Pam's be tomorrow? People will be queuing in the wee hours for the morning release of oven-fresh pastries. People will be dying for Pam's home-brew coffee, craving for Pam's pillowy soft bread and fighting for every excellent product of Pam's.

Tuna Thai Curry Pie


  1. aiyoyooo... can i book some orders now???? I am going out for dinner with my son... perhaps I drop by at Pam's??? Dont make us wait one decade la.. i scared i no teeth by then!!! lol.....

  2. Claire:

    Come visit me tonight so we can sama-sama day-dream. Haha



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