Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reunion Dinner 2011 again !!!

We had another reunion dinner on the third day of Chinese New Year, since everyone enjoyed the pot-luck style dinner we had on New Year Eve. Today's dinner, however, has become the most remarkable one because of the generosity of Kenny and Ann. He contributed the largest and heaviest abalone the whole family had ever eaten. Million thanks to both of them!

Calstar Wild Abalone from Mexico contributed by Kenny & Ann

As large as my palm

Braised Mexican Abalone with broccoli

Yee Sang bought by Dad & Mum

Deep-fried chicken wings with salted egg yolk, prepared by Kelvin & Vinnie

Koong Poh style squid, prepared by Kelvin

Steamed medium-sized prawns, prepared by Pam

Shark's fin soup, prepared by Dad

Ingredients: Shark's fin, limpets, sea cucumber, fish maw, scallops & crab meat

Reunion Dinner on the third day of CNY


  1. All seems to be my favourite, Pam... if only I were invited.. hahahaha.... just kidding!!

  2. Claire:

    Be my guest, Claire.



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