Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Say your magic words @ Bismillah

"Cendol satu!"
"Mau kacang tak mau kacang?"
"Apa-apa pun mau!"

You need not be fluent in the Malay Language in order to place your order. What you need are merely a few survival phrases that would enable you to get a bowl of 'rojak' cendol at Bismillah, the most famous cendol stall in Taiping.

The Bismillah Cendol Taiping

Why can't the Chinese teach their own cunning people how to put up a menu printed in black and white so that the opportunists would not increase the price of food as they wish?

A multiracial community is found here, with all the 3 races patronising the stall.

A refreshing moment of the day...

Bismillah Cendol Taiping (located diagonally behind St. George Secondary School)
233, Jalan Barrack,
Taiping, Perak.



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