Sunday, May 15, 2011

Always on Sunday

Always on Sunday

Oh, you can bake me on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday
is very very good
Or you can eat me on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday
in fact I wish you would
Blueberry muffin on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday
cause that's my baking day

Most of Sundays you can be my guest
Anytime you say you'll get my muffin
Just name the type that you like the best
Please don't stay away from my warm muffins

Tesco Fairtrade Espresso

Hot muffins delivered fresh from the oven

Darling you are so freakalicious, I get exhilarated everytime I see you.

An voluptuous figured muffin yells: "Please, stop stripping me off my clothes..."
Warning: This post is 101% 18SX, under the influence of the sexy muffins. Therefore, if you feel you might be offended by such content, you should log off immediately, or simply stay away from the muffins. Thank you.


  1. Oh, i wont log off.. I will definitely come back for more virtual muffins! hahahaa...

  2. Claire:

    Will bake you some muffins when we meet again next time.

  3. I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the hottest virtual strippers on my taskbar.



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