Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coffee Ensemble @ CBTL

What do you need to know about caffeine overdose? A doctor will tell you that you can die of a caffeine overdose. Try asking Pam about caffeine overdose and she will assure you that life could hardly be more meaningful than allowing caffeine to rush through your veins...

Clockwise from left:
Ice-blended Mocha @ RM11.00, Sumatra Brew @ RM6.90 and Double Espresso @ RM7.00
(mobile upload)

Royal Chocolate Cake @ RM8.90
(mobile upload)

Caffeine overdose?
(mobile upload)


  1. hey Pam.. dont tell me all those going into your stomach?? :p

  2. Claire:

    The ice-blended coffee and choc cake were his. I took only 2 cups of coffee... Haha



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