Saturday, May 28, 2011

Interracial marriage between Italian and Japanese

Food intermarriage in Pam's house has been fully legal since Pam discovered the art and mystery of food. Food pairing is a serious business here so appointing the best food connoisseur with unlimited flow of inspiration to identify which food and drinks go well together is an utmost necessity. We are glad to announce that we have found the most qualified expert (me lah...) to carry out this practice and the result is, of course, nothing less than excellent!

Shall we review one of her best works in combining Italian coffee with Japanese curry?

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Casa

2 servings of coffee

You leave me breathless. You're everything good in my life.

Time for a cuppa...

Japanese vegetarian curry (paste compressed in bar form)

Japanese rice curry

Chicken gizzards

Fried egg


  1. gosh..really reminds me of the japanese food i took last time.. i had a hard time swallowing the rice and gravy.. haaha...

  2. Claire:

    My dad claimed that he could hardly swallow the sticky grain and the super-concentrated curry... Haha... another typical Chinese he is...



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