Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simply baking!!

Pam the baker spent her whole Saturday afternoon baking, baking and baking ... Not all the products are nice to see but they are surely big on taste, haha!

Homemade Egg Tart

Chocolate tartlet & citrus tartlet

Over-baked a bit... :P

Lava cake

Over-baked again ... :(


  1. Pam, why overbaked? Were you watching some nice movies or giving tuition while you baked? :) overbaked or not, you can still bake!

  2. Silver:

    how's the two lava cakes I gave u? any chocolate lava flowing from the inside?


    Not giving tuition but busy preparing another batter...

  3. How nice if I can have one for my breakfast . (Every Sunday)

    I like reading your blog . *Deeply inspired me*
    That's why I still continue updating my blog just like you , my teacher/

    Have a great day :)




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