Monday, May 23, 2011

Wok Sifu @ Kinta City Shopping Centre

Followed by the closing of Food & Tea Hong Kong Cafe at Kinta City Shopping Centre, here comes the successor - Wok Sifu! This sifu is more versatile compared to its pioneer as you will be able to see an extensive choice of cuisine in the menu. To name a few, Hongkie cuisine, Taiwanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, local etc. This new addition is certainly not something diners would rush into when this genre of food seems to be mushrooming all around town lately. It's perhaps too early to tell how long this eatery could survive considering there are strings of strong competitors just a stone's throw away. New Hong Kong style eateries that wish to seek greener pastures may need to think of better strategies to survive in such harsh condition when the more established brands remain moving one step forward for having their steady stream of customers. We will have to wait and see if Wok Sifu will eventually end up like Food & Tea, poised to take its last breath before succumbing to competition from their biggest rival next door - De Garden.

Wok Sifu

The menu

Almond drink with raw egg @ RM4.90

Claypot Loh She Fun @ RM9.90

Korean Bibimbap @ RM14.90


Mushroom soup

Shaved kiwi ice @ RM5.90

Shaved chocolate ice RM5.90
Wok Sifu
Kinta City Shopping Centre
Ipoh, Perak.


  1. Hey, last night i was in there with my girl.. it was a bit crowded and we left for Ting Hao opposite instead... then after dinner, we went for Coffeebucks..cheesecake with yogurt ice cream!

  2. Claire:

    Wow... that makes me drool ~~~

  3. We were in Kinta City last Monday for the school holiday.Saw this restaurant and it was packed. So we when in for lunch. It was very good. My son loved the hot and spicy noodle while the wife said the bee beem bab was one of the best korean food she had eaten. The kimchi was fantastic and free. Had also tried the few restauarnt at the oppoosite site of Jusco. Place was quite and food was not very good. Will definitely stick this wok sifu for great food in the future

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