Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A lonely lonely afternoon tea ...

"Only Coffee"

3 p.m. and the sun is burning
Here I am at the cafe once again
I'm telling me I'm so lonely
I can't make up my mind
Is this meant to be
I'm asking me

But only coffee can stay
Drink over and over again
But I believe for coffee and me
Loneliness is felt again
So I just close my eyes
Pray I'll get a companion
But I can't seem to see it through
That's something only coffee can do

(Adapted from "Only Love" by Trademark)

Egg Mayo Breakfast Sandwich @ RM4.80

Starbucks Kenya Bold @ RM7.00
(Starbucks Kenya has a wonderfully fruity flavour that reminds us of grapefruit or blackberries, a crisp and clean acidity, and an elegant medium body)

It's a lonely, lonely afternoon tea...


  1. If i could sneak out at 3pm, i would join you for an orange juice... :)

  2. Claire:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts... :)



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