Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pay less for NO quality!

Fast food chains are competing against one another with their never-ending promotions throughout the year. While the M brand remains popular with its breakfast set and the K brand persistently bragging their finger licking good ayam, the P brand made a return with its 50% promotions on weekdays. In fact, eating fast food is not a common practice in my family but humans are often driven by greed. We are easily attracted by misleading words like discount, offer, promotion, sale and what have we? The truth is, most of us are reluctant to pay for quality but rather choose to pay less for NO quality!

***This is not a critical review or professional analysis. I just want to prove me right that good quality always comes at a price and there is absolutely no confusion about the above statement.

Dry, cold and rubbery Creamy Carbonara @ RM5.25

Garlic bread @ RM1.50
I rest my case =.=

Oriental wings @ RM7.25

Tasteless hot coffee @ RM3.00

1 comment:

  1. I swear I will not step into P anymore for the lunch set even if it is free . Huh , I had really bad experience there a couple weeks ago !



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