Friday, May 27, 2011

Black Pepper Chicken Pie & Apple Puff

Hooray! It's the school holidays! Knowing that I travel a lot, many caring colleagues were curious to know where I'd be heading to this time. Sorry to let them down cause I ain't going anywhere this holiday. Be leaving by train on Sunday to Segamat to visit some old friends and stay put for a couple of days, before returning to Perak on Wednesday. There comes another 2-day trip to Penang with the School Prefectorial Board immediately after the Segamat trip. Born a busy traveller by nature, and I always am. That's why la... where got time to travel overseas, hoh?

Not sure if I could get some good pastries throughout the week so I'd better treat myself to some sumptuous little snacks before my cuti-cuti Malaysia trips... Bon appetit!

Fruit tartlets and chocolate tartlets

Black Pepper Chicken Pie & Apple Puff

Apple Puff with sweet custard base

Black Pepper Chicken Pie

Generously stuffed with chunks of chicken and mushroom

Espresso made from Italian Roast


  1. Happy Traveling, PAM!! My girl is also pestering me for a short most probably will end up in Penang,... cos that is the only place i wont get lost!! hahaha...

  2. Claire:

    Happy holidays, Claire!!! Enjoy your trip to Penang...



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