Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our first anniversary...

I fall in love with Italy again

2011 is an anniversary year. Last year in June, I boarded the Boeing 747 to a trip in Italy, where I discovered and fell in love with the Roman land. My mum, my best travel companion, recalls every fond memories of us, when we were strolling in a foreign land. In the following ten days, we travelled to different tourist attractions. We visited 7 cities, travelling 750 miles from north to south, seeing most of the places which made others, along with you, envious of me... Please allow me to celebrate my first anniversary with Italy by indulging in all the Italian fare, and leaving you to visualise my most contented and relaxed self in an imaginary land...

Caffe Macchiato
(taken at Segafredo Cafe)

Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (translated as squid ink spaghetti)
(taken at Pam's Patisserie)

My home cooked squid ink spaghetti with an Asian twist

Squid ink spaghetti flavoured with Japanese curry paste

Personal Seafood Supreme Pizza
(taken at Pizza Hut)

Topped with filament sticks, tuna flakes and pineapple cubes

I had a cheesy date with Italy
Can you feel the love tonight?


  1. Yeah, i can remember your one year ago Europe trip.. i think that was the time i came by your blog... so we are also one year anniversary as bloggers more or less..

  2. Claire:

    It's a moment to celebrate... Cheers, Claire



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