Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grand Opening of 2011 Malaysian School Sports Council (MSSM)

Was assigned a very heavy responsibility last Friday - to be the chaperone for the lantern team at the grand opening of the 2011 MSSM annual sports events. On that faithful day, the Perak Stadium overflowed with students and athletes, all waiting for the arrival of the ministers, delegates and VIPs. As conclusion, the whole gala was a money-wasting, time-wasting and manpower-wasting event! Biasalah... kwan si ka ho (Hokkien slang...)

The Perak Stadium

Perak team and its 'seladang' mascots

Hornbill, the Sarawak mascot

Eagle, the Kedah mascot

Unknown giant bird, the Sabah mascot

The liveliest mascot of the night

Wondering why it was moving so fast...

Making a 'bull'rush to hug the bull???
(Ever seen a bird hugging a bull before?)

1Malaysia lantern

Lighting the torch

Brightly lit 1Malaysia lanterns surrounding the Ipoh stadium

Here comes the firework display!

Wow! $$$ burning...

More $$$$$ gone...



My condolences to the tax-payers' hard-earned money...


  1. no wonder it was jammed up on Friday evening.. each school sent 40 students, i heard... to fill up the crowd I guess...

  2. Oh , I wish I could be there ...
    Never been to stadium before :(

  3. (Btw , I prefer government use the $$$ in different ways ** JPA , petrol subsidy ...etc)

  4. Claire:

    Not 40 but 80!!! We went from Taiping to Ipoh in 2 buses. Each student was given RM2.50 and a lantern... That's how the govt burn our money...


    Don't waste your time there. It's not beneficial at all...



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