Saturday, December 17, 2011

FREE Starbucks Coffee!

In conjuction with the 13th anniversary of Starbucks Coffee, they were giving out free coffee yesterday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. It was not my initial plan to drive all the way from my house to Taiping Sentral for the sake of getting a cup of FREE coffee but someone in the family wanted me to drop a parcel in Lake View Garden so I convinced myself that I deserved a cup of coffee as a reward for running the errands. 

I arrived at Starbucks 5 minutes to 12 noon and was greeted by their junior barista whom I used to chat with every time I go for my coffee pilgrimage. Then he said, "Cikgu, today got free coffee. You came just in time." 

"The same type of coffee, like last year?"

"Yeah loh, always the anniversary blend, what else?"

"Hmm... okay. I will get a cup of that and I will come back for my Americano tomorrow."

"No need lah, Cikgu. You don't take the free one, we give you Americano for FREE! But diam diam lah..."

O.O (like that also can ah?)

Anyway, I smiled and accepted my FREE gift gracefully. Thank you, Mr Barista!

Americano @ RM7.00 (free of charge)

Yin, were you there yesterday?



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