Monday, December 26, 2011

Instil good eating habits @ O'Briens

What is guilt-free food? Before you try to find out what exactly guilt-free means, please recall what your daily diet normally consists of? Is it fat free? Any nutritional value? Or could you just not be bothered by what goes into your body in every meal? Well... if you happen to be the 'live to eat' group, perhaps now it's time for a change. You just do not know how much harm can calories and fat do to your system. The truth is, once they have found a shelter in your body, they just refuse to leave. To be precise, they usually stay happily in their host (or prey?) permanently. So, why must you risk your health by allowing all these nuisance in your life? 

If you agree with me, please take my advice. Starting from now, eat healthily. Forget about all those tasty treats out there and be warned by the hypothesis of food: The tastier they are, the more harm they cause.

Shopping complexes can be a place full of sins. Even though you are not physically hungry, there is always a tendency for your eyes to be seduced by all the tempted food served in restaurants. Being indisciplined as you are, please find your way to the nearest sandwich bar to kick start your healthy eating habits. 

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You must first eat healthily to live before you can live to enjoy your food...

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