Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's for supper?

I attended a lousy wedding dinner last night. The hall of the Chinese association was so hot and stuffy.  We both thought we could tolerate the horrible condition and finish the course but we ended up leaving the hall  after the fourth dish. Guess what? It was coming to 9.45 p.m. and there were another 4 dishes to go. We were so frustrated with the crap food and the unfavourable dining condition so I signalled him to leave his seat and we headed straight to the main entrance. Anger and hunger had landed us in front of Golden Corner coffee shop. I couldn't be bothered by how late it was, I only wanted to eat!

Wuyi Egg Tea @ RM1.70 each

I gobbled down the whole egg without waiting for the food to arrive. 

We both shared this bowl of yong tau foo (RM5.50).

Golden Corner Coffee Shop
Jalan Pasar
34000 Taiping, Perak.


  1. The dinner must have started off very late! The cards normally state 7 or 7.30pm but im sure it starts after 8pm, right? Yours must have started ast 8.30.. Gosh.. I also cannot tolerate hunger one.. hahaha..

  2. Claire:

    Precisely! I arrived 10 minutes before 7pm as that's the time stated in the invitation card. Nobody was there. Even the family of the groom was late. The dinner started at 8.30.



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