Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cafe Barbera @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The concept of dining in the airport has always been mistakenly labelled as food served and taken in a rush, grab n go, cold, tasteless etc. This misconception no longer fits the new generation of airports, especially the award-winning 4-star airport like Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) which has a world ranking of the fourth place after Hong Kong, Singapore and Incheon Airports.

With more world class cafes being opened in KLIA, you are strictly not allowed to force yourself to gobble whatever fast food you could grab in the airport and board the plane with severe bloatedness in the stomach. So when you step into the Departure Hall, you will be amazed by how the Italian coffee culture is being adopted into the hustle bustle situation of the airport, at the same time enabling the customers to enjoy themselves over a satisfying cup of coffee before they leave. The pleasure of dining in the airport is almost guaranteed with the cosiness and warmth ambience of Cafe Barbera.

Cafe Barbera @ KLIA (Departure Hall)

This present lot of Cafe Barbera was formerly occupied by Cafe Ritazza which has since moved to the Arrival Hall in the 3rd floor.

The wide range of coffee is featured on the wall to cater to the needs of customers who often find the Italian terms of coffee incomprehensible.

The pastry shelves

The sandwich shelf

 Cappuccino Italiano @ RM8.90

Cappuccino Shakerato @ RM10.90
(Note: Caffe Shakerato is made up of iced espresso shaken in a cocktail shaker and served in a wide mouth glass) 

Espresso Shakerato @ RM8.90 

The coffee barista must have a good skill in shaking the coffee in order to produce a nice cap of foam which is able to float the beans on top of the espresso.

Chicken wrap @ RM12.90

Tuna Croissant @ RM11.90

Custard Strudel @ RM8.90

Sardine Puff @ RM8.90


Gently pour the hot espresso over the scoop of vanilla gelato to melt the gelato.

The melting of the gelato produces a creamy and tantalising taste of both coffee and ice cream.

Cafe Barbera @ KLIA
Main Terminal Building (Level 5) 
Departure Hall,
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
Tel: 603-8776 6626


  1. Must check this cafe out the next time at KLIA. The food looks delish and the price is reasonable considering they are airport food price. Nice photos.

  2. Quay Po Cooks:

    Thanks for the compliments. You're right, the price is very reasonable. In fact, Cafe Barbera did not charge extra as I paid the same amount of money for the same type of food in other outlets of Barbera.

  3. The counter staff needs training in customer service. I asked a question regarding the different types of coffee served and she practically asked me to go elsewhere



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