Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, I always prefer the latter. However, not every dark chocolate in the market suits my palate as I am rather picky on the choice of brand and its origin. The battle between Swiss made chocolate and Belgian made chocolate has been going on for decades. Some fall for the creaminess and smoothness of Swiss cocoa while the others indulge in the overpowering taste of cocoa from Belgium. As for me, Swiss made dark chocolate wins my heart easily with its bittersweet taste and long-lasting aftertaste which lingers in the mouth cavity for a real sensational indulgence. 

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa - Dark Noir @ RM13.90

The bar of chocolate is carefully sealed for freshness.

The Dark Beauty stripping herself for her secret admirer.

Come and discover the exquisite taste of Swiss made dark chocolate with 99% cocoa.


  1. Dark choc is more bitter in taste... I still have some in my fridge... my kids prefer the sweeter type. :)

  2. hi, where youbought this 99% chocolate? i have beenhunting it for so long..

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