Sunday, January 22, 2012

Autumn Stroll in Hong Kong - Cheung Heung Coffee Shop

Probably one of the oldest coffee shops in the Western District, Cheung Heung Coffee Shop has been the favourite place for breakfast and tea among the residents in the westernmost region of Hong Kong Island. Mr Chow, the owner, bought the coffee shop over in the 70s and has since been running the coffee shop the traditional way for nearly 40 years. Over here at Cheung Heung, the staffs are seen in the white top uniform and all of them are entirely males.

Over the years, there hasn’t been much changes on the food served. Food recipes passed on from the previous owner has been well treasured and preserved by Chow who realizes the importance of keeping the traditions.

Their cocktail bun is one of those food items which have been carried forward for years. While many bakeries are making use of the leftover (butter, sugar and desiccated coconut) to make the filling of the cocktail bun, Cheung Heung are willing to spend extra by stuffing the buns with expensive store-bought lotus paste. 

Cheung Heung Coffee Shop

Cocktail bun filled with sweetened lotus paste

The common cocktail bun in most coffee shops are filled with a combination of sugar, butter and dessicated coconut but the one at Cheung Heung is uniquely stuffed with sweetened lotus paste. 

Polo Bun

Baked Char Siew Bun

Also worth eating is their cookie pastry egg tart

These egg tarts are sold outside the entrance of the coffee shop, neatly arranged in a 2-tier rack.

Cheung Heung Yuen Restaurant
107 Belcher's Street, 
Kennedy Town, 
Western District
Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2855 7911



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