Monday, January 2, 2012

Snack till you drop!

How much snack can you stomach in 5 hours while walking around the mall and shopping for outfit? One usually won't bother to eat a proper meal when there is a sale in the mall cause wasting time on food is the worst practice ever for women who are competing with one another in grabbing the items on sale. 

First, grab a Pretzel and fill your body with sufficient amount of carbohydrates before the battle begins.

The constant walking and bargaining may result in your body producing excessive heat and sweat so it is best to chill yourself with a cup of ice-cream to prepare for the second round.

At last, you have probably spent more than what you ought to. By now, you might have become penniless so you can make used of the remaining shillings inside your pocket for two mini chocolate lava and cheese tarts before you call it a day. 


  1. I love all that are displayed above especially the HD.. now in De Gardens already.. I wonder good biz or not over there...

  2. Claire:

    I walked past the HD outlet in De Gardens last week and saw quite a steady stream of customers there.



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