Sunday, January 15, 2012

Autumn Stroll in Hong Kong - Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

Tai Cheong egg tarts (泰昌蛋撻are made popular by the ex-governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, who loves egg tarts more than anything else. He once praised the egg tart of Tai Cheong as ‘The Most Famous Egg Tart in Hong Kong”. Unlike the flaky pastry egg tarts sold in most dim sum joints, Tai Cheong's  version has a more buttery texture which resembles cookies. It is believed that egg tarts encased in cookie pastry is closely related to the British egg custard tart. 

I love Tai Cheong's egg tarts because of its pastry. Owing to its popular demand, their tarts are snapped by dozens within minutes the moment they are delivered from the kitchen. It is also not unusual to fins a long queue in front of the shop, all waiting to buy their fresh and hot egg tarts. 

This is of course my third visit to Tai Cheong. I guess I am going to make my yearly pilgrimage to Tai Cheong. Well, for something which is too good to miss, why not?

Previous entries: December 2009 & March 2011 

Tai Cheong Bakery

Another Tai Cheong Bakery in Wanchai

The delicate tarts are gently placed inside the glass shelf.

Tai Cheong Egg Tart @ HK$5

Tai Cheong Bakery
Ground floor, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace,
Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2544 3475

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