Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

We celebrated our family Reunion at home by serving steamboat, barbecue and potluck at the car porch. 

Annual family gathering

The two donkeys grilling the meat and themselves over the charcoal flame.

Besides barbecue and steamboat, we had our reunion dinner the potluck style. 
Fried Rice - Vinnie
Herbal Tea Eggs - Kelvin
Fried Noodle - Kenny
Fried Wonton - Ann
Stir-fried Vegetables - Daddy
Chicken Rendang - Pam
Braised Roast Pork - Mummy
Fishballs and Sausages - Kelvin
Braised Mushroom with Chicken Feet - Daddy


  1. wow...food galore!! Thank God we never feel hunger during this festive season!!

  2. We only need to worry about overeating...



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