Monday, January 16, 2012

Autumn Stroll in Hong Kong - Sun Kee Pushcart Noodle

Eating noodles in Hong Kong can be very interesting. Bored of fishballs, sliced chicken and prawns? Come to Hong Kong and try their pushcart noodle. Over here, you would surely have a hard time choosing the noodle, the dishes and the gravy / soup base as there are so so so many choices. 

Sun Kee Pushcart Noodle

If you have no idea of what combination of dishes to go for, kindly refer to the photographs featuring some popular selection among diners.

Thick yellow noodle with fishballs and octopus in mushroom gravy.

Thin yellow noodle with hard boiled egg and cocktail sausages in soy sauce gravy.

Thin yellow noodle with fishballs and large intestine in mushroom gravy

Thick yellow noodle with chicken wings and pork loin in soy sauce gravy

Milk Tea


Sun Kee Noodles
G/F, Shun Hing Building, 
2-6A Smithfield, 
Kennedy Town, 
Western District,
Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2818 2061

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