Friday, January 6, 2012

Autumn Stroll in Macau - Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei

I had my third trip to Hong Kong and Macau last November. In fact, I just returned from the same countries in early 2011. Many asked me what's so fascinating about Hong Kong and Macau. They obviously did not see the point of going to the same place over and over again. As for me, Hong Kong is such a lousy country with very few tourist attractions, people are generally rude and impatient, the city is highly overpopulated etc. 
Well, so why did I keep pilgrimaging HK over the years? Haha... what else if it wasn't for their food?


Blanched Fish Skin 
薑蔥灼魚皮 @ MOP$15

Braised Chicken Feet
鳳爪 @ MOP$28

Braised Pork Knuckle
江南豬手@ MOP$28

Signature Shrimp Roe Noodles
招牌蝦子撈麵 @ MOP$24

Won Ton Noodles
雲吞麵 @ MOP$18

Fried Mackerel Ball
金莎鯪魚球 @ MOP$33

Blanched Kai Lan
芥蘭 @ MOP$12

Oja Sopa Da Fita Cheung Kei 祥記麵家 

G/F, 68 R. da Felicidade,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro 新馬路福隆新街68號地下


(853) 2857 4310

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  1. Hi, where you stay in Macau? Hotel ok?



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