Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My lovely bunch of students!

4A4, the 10th class of the Fourth Form, is commonly branded as 'incurable' (mou tuck gow). I used to have the same preconception towards this kind of students who are academically weak, before I was assigned to the class beginning of the year. "What? 4A4? Why me???"

Nonetheless, they made me realise that becoming the form teacher of the weakest class is truly a blessing to me. They are a unique bunch of pupils whom I would gladly call them "The lovely ones". We can communicate with one another very well and I have developed a special feeling towards them. Our relationships are built on trust and respect.

The conclusion is: They may be poor in their academic but they are generally good at heart. Unlike the excellent students who are disdainfully proud, snobbish, deceptive, manipulative etc., they are far more truthful and sincere. I enjoy teaching them, as they know how to appreciate me and my effort. I love them, and I always treasure all those wonderful moments we have together.

4A4 does not stand for 4 Art 4 but 4 Angels 4!

You guys are simply the best...


  1. I love to have you as my teacher too!! hahahaa.. seriously, I am sure they treasure you as much as you treasure them!

  2. Yin:

    Do you consider 5S4/2010 an unlucky class?


    I haven't any student by the name of Claire. Would you like to be the first one? Haha...



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