Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A sinful breakfast for three unethical teachers

Dear Mr Principal,

Monday blues strikes again! Thanks for making us the chaperones to take a few students to the Town Hall for competitions. It was breakfast time when we arrived at the venue and the official directed us to the canteen for breakfast. We reluctantly accepted the kind offer of the official to 'enjoy' the wonderful breakfast prepared for all chaperones - Nasi Lemak bungkus!!! The packet of rice was so miserably tiny with countable number of ikan bilis. We wolfed down the rice within 10 seconds and tried with all our might to 'ask for more' but to no avail. We were ushered upstairs to a waiting room while the competition was going on. After the person-in-charge left the room, I beckoned my colleagues over to me and winked at them cunningly. The three hungry mice then sneaked out of the waiting room and in attempts to look for the nearest food stall for some PROPER meals. That's how we ended up eating a hearty breakfast at McDonald's, though we knew that it was unethical for us to leave our jobs behind for the sake of having breakfast...

Sinfully yours,

Big Breakfast McValue meal @ RM9.95

Hotcakes (2pcs) + Coffee @ RM4.50

Fresh and fluffy hotcakes


  1. hehehe... does your principal know about your blog? if i were there, i would be the 4th mice definitely!!!

  2. Claire:

    Don't worry, nobody knows anything about my blog ... Shhh...



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