Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Delivery Dim Sum

When one of the family members is not keen on going out for breakfast on a lovely Sunday morning, you are left with no choice but to order a take away so that the entire family can sit together for breakfast. (At home, of course!) Of all the food choices available, the most convenient food for a take-away order usually comprises of noodle or rice as all the side dishes can be packed together in one container or plastic bag. As the only daughter in the family, my filial duty is to ensure the two old folks obtain all the essential nourishments from their meals and remain excited for the surprise they would get at the same time.

I am always on the go and enjoy challenging my own limitations by turning the "impossible" into "I'm possible". I've proven myself again by turning the unimaginable into reality.

Dim Sum for three!

Pork dumplings / Siew Mai @ RM2.60

Prawn dumplings / Har Kau @ RM2.60

Steamed rice rolls / Chee Cheong Fun @ RM3.00

Steamed barbecued bun / Char Siew Pau @ RM1.50

Steamed glutinous rice with chicken / Loh Mai Kai @ RM2.60

Deep-fried taro puff / Woo Kok @ RM2.50

Steamed thousand layer sponge cake / Ma Lai Koh @ RM3.00

Egg Tart / Darn Tat @ RM1.50


  1. hi Pam... where did you get these gorgeous dim sum? All looks so good especially the ma lai koe.. I havent seen that before... don't tell me that those are from Taiping?

  2. Claire:

    Bingo! I bought those dainty morsels at Zhong Hwa Hin Dim Sum Restaurant in Taiping.



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